Premier Colour Print

The Red Hat                             Ralph Duckett                             Burton on Trent PS

Club Premier Colour Print

Defiance                                     Chris Sidney

Highly Commended

Gwangjang Market                          Lorraine Hardy                            Burton on Trent PS

Godafoss                                            Bob Johnston                             Grange PS

Man and Nature                                Bob Johnston                            Grange PS

Defiance                                             Chris Sidney                               Grange PS

Age of Beauty                                    Tony Cartwright                        Jaguar PS


 The Groynes – New Brighton         Carolyn Whetton                      Burton on Trent PS

Halloween Friends                             Alan Wardropper                     Earl Shilton CC

Aurora and Ursa Major                     Bob Johnston                            Grange PS

Study in White                                    Judith Parry                               Smethwick PS

Accepted Colour Prints

Ralph Duckett                                                                                             Burton on Trent PS     

Alice’s Night Circus                              Dawn Light                        Ladies who Dance

The Red Hat                                            Winter Brings Adventure

Lorraine Hardy                                                                                            Burton on Trent PS

Gwangjang Market                                     Jung da Oon                             Winter is Coming

Carolyn Whetton                                                                                         Burton on Trent PS

Lemons                                                         The Groynes – New Brighton      Waiting

John Morgan ARPS                                                                                        Coventry PS

High Rise – Coventry

Chris Simmonds                                                                                              Coventry PS

Fire Eater

Alan Wardropper                                                                                            Earl Shilton CC

Halloween Friends

Geoff Holmes                                                                            East Midland Monochrome Group

Buskers                                          Mosterio do Jeronimos                                 Orchid

Bob Johnston ARPS                                                                                         Grange PS

Abereiddy Rocks                             Aurora and Ursa Major                         Deceptive Bends

Frozen Falls                                       Geothermal Power                          Godafoss   

Man and Nature                              No Entry                                             Snow Drift                                           

Sukhoi at Sundown

Chris Sidney                                                                                                     Grange PS

Defiance                                           On the Bottle                                      Roman Warrior

Eric Sutton                                                                                                        Grange PS

Day Dreaming

Joanne Sutton                                                                                                 Grange PS

Evening Guv’                                  Hannah                                               Studious George

Where Do I Go From Here?

Tony Cartwright                                                                                             Jaguar PS

Admiring the View                     The Age of Beauty

Allan Stewart                                                                                                 Jaguar PS

Phantoms of the Festival

Robert Watts                                                                                                  Jaguar PS

My Next Trousers?

Steve Henderson                                                                                           Orkney CC

Three-Ply                                 Waiting to be Useful

Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE CPAGB/av                                                       Smethwick PS

Alcudia Street                          Feeding Time                                           Gaggio in the Snow

White Chairs

Barbara Lawton FRPS DPAGB                                                                      Smethwick PS

The Dancer                             The Hat Peg

Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB HonPAGB                                                       Smethwick PS

Figure in an Empty Room                   Never the Bride                          Study in White

Roger Parry MPAGB ARPS DPAGB HonPAGB                                          Smethwick PS

Dreaming of Dance                                        Reclining Beauty                                      Travel Thoughts

Ray Shorthouse                                                                                              Smethwick PS

A Ring A Ring O’ Chillies                               Dessert is Served

Ian Bailey LRPS CPAGB                                                                                 Stratford Photo Group

Risoyrenna Channel – Norway                    West Burton Force – North Yorkshire

John Graham                                                                                                  U3A Orkney Photo Group 2

Reflections and Silhouettes                        The Blue Spinning Wheel