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Into the Woods John Morgan Coventry PS

Club Premier Print

Mr and Mrs Rodriguez             Dennis Worrall                        FRPS MPAGB

Highly Commended

                                        A Clean Sweep                      Mary Kirkby                           Stratford Photo Group

                            The Scarf                                                      Judith Parry                             Smethwick PS

                                            The Artisan                                                   Lorraine Hardy                        Burton on Trent PS

                                            Ophelia                                                         Dinah Jayes                              Smethwick PS

                                           Looking out                                                  Paul Hassell                              Smethwick PS

                                           Determination                                              Paul Hassell                               Smethwick PS


                                           Lost in Music                                                 Joanne Sutton                         Grange PS

                                            Watching Over Me                                        Judith Parry                              Smethwick PS

                                          Dreams of Faraway Places                              Judith Parry                             Smethwick PS

                                            Purple Scarf                                                   Judith Parry                              Smethwick PS

                                        Memories of the Old Game                           Rosemary Buckett                    Desborough & Rothwell PS

                                            Perchance to Dream                                     Dinah Jayes                               Smethwick PS

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