Premier Monochrome Print

Thor                                                       Penny Simpson                       Corley and Fillongley PC

Club Premier Monochrome Print

Conflict                                                  Bob Johnston                         Grange. P.S.

Highly Commended

Tension                                                 Mike Edwards                         Smethwick PS

Fishing Boat on the Arctic Circle         Ian Bailey                                 Stratford Photo Group


Road to Nowhere                                Ralph Duckett                         Burton on Trent PS

Through the Water Splash                   Ralph Duckett                         Burton on Trent PS

Waiting                                                Lorraine Hardy                        Burton on Trent PS

Nick                                                     Nick Archer                              Jaguar PS

Accepted Monochrome Prints

Penny Simpson                                                                                                Corley and Fillongley PC


Ralph Duckett                                                                                                  Burton on Trent PS

Road to Nowhere                                        Through The Water Splash             Wintery Walk

Lorraine Hardy                                                                                                 Burton on Trent PS

Focused                                                           High Flyer                                        Waiting

Carolyn Whetton                                                                                             Burton on Trent PS


Geoff Holmes                                                                                             East Midland Monochrome Group

Parliament, Budapest

Bob Johnston ARPS                                                                                         Grange PS

Conflict                                                   To The Top

Chris Sidney                                                                                                      Grange PS

Lone Oak                                                   Two Bicycles

Eric Sutton                                                                                                        Grange PS

The Stare

Dennis Worrall FRPS MPAGB                                                                       Grange PS

Winter in the Yorkshire Dales

Nick Archer                                                                                                      Jaguar PS

Nick                                                        Stairs

Robert Watts                                                                                                   Jaguar PS

River Brathay Trees                                   Windermere Jetty

Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE CPAGB/av                                                          Smethwick PS

Tension                                                     The Precinct

Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB HonPAGB                                                          Smethwick PS


Ray Shorthouse                                                                                                Smethwick PS

On Points

Ian Bailey LRPS CPAGB                                                                                   Stratford Photo Group

Fishing Boat on the Arctic Circle                        Norwegian Skyline

Cherie Cream                                                                                                    Yardley PS

Liquid Lunch