Premier Colour Digital Image

Ivory Flame                                           Phil Mallin                               Earl Shilton CC

Club Premier Digital Image

Dan Robson                                         Ron McBride                          

Highly Commended

Dust Bath                                             Carolyn Whetton                     Burton on Trent PS

Vestrahorn, Iceland                            Phil Mallin                                Earl Shilton CC

Atlantic Storm                                     Mike Edwards                          Smethwick PS


Hwasong Fortress                               Lorraine Hardy                        Burton on Trent PS

Blue                                                        Julie Holbech – Maund         Earl Shilton CC

Last Man Standing                               Phil Mallin                               Earl Shilton CC

Dan Robson                                           Ron McBride                          Grange PS

Ballet                                                       Mike Edwards                       Smethwick PS

Spring in a Cork Wood                           Mike Edwards                     Smethwick PS

Accepted Colour Digital Images

Lorraine Hardy                                                                                                Burton on Trent PS

Anna                                                           Hwasong Fortress

Carolyn Whetton                                                                                            Burton on Trent PS

Dust Bath                                                   Ellie                                                         Hard Frost


Marjorie Bivins                                                                                               Coventry PS

A Simple Tribute                                        Ceiling Kaleidoscope

Chris Simmonds                                                                                              Coventry PS


Roger Wagstaff                                                                                               Coventry PS

Window on a Barber

Julie Holbech-Maund                                                                                     Earl Shilton CC

Blue                                                           Educating Eeyore                                      In the Attic

Pingvellir, Iceland                                    Porlock Weir                                               Rydal

Phil Mallin                                                                                                        Earl Shilton CC

Ivory Flame                                                Last Man Standing                                    Spanners

Vestrahorn, Iceland

Colin Golightly                                                                                                 Grange PS

Autumn Leaves                                         Sunlit Green

Paul Hoskins                                                                                                     Grange PS

Before the Germans

Ron McBride                                                                                                     Grange PS

Dan Robson                                             Dan Robson 3

Chris Sidney                                                                                                      Grange PS

Arriving                                                      Gemma                                                  In the Spotlight

Mike Pill ARPS CPAGB                                                                                    Heswall PS

Beach Patterns                                            Eating Lunch

Ray Allen                                                                                                           Smethwick PS

Contemplation                                             Final Check                                           Knife Angel

Race for the Summit                                  Storm Approaching Cape Cornwall

Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE CPAGB/av                                                         Smethwick PS

Atlantic Storm                                             Ballet                                                        Red Arrows

Spring in a Cork Wood                               Surfers Lodgings                                     Vic Clarke

John Holt ARPS DPAGB                                                                                  Smethwick PS